Drunk And Drive

If you drink alcohol .. Mandubabulu will do something. What they do once in a while .. not just them .. the people next door don’t understand. If you are intoxicated with alcohol, so be it. And when it comes to drink and drive tests, every single person near the police behaves differently. Some people know him .. he knows .. they keep saying something to escape. Also a man .. his name was mistyped and booked.
Jubileehills & zwnj; Road & zwnj; No. 36, Pillar & zwnj; Narayanaguda traffic at No. 1658 on the 7th of this month. Traffic & zwnj; Drunk under the auspices of Essay Mallya & zwnj; And & zwnj; Drive & zwnj; Checks were made. A man .. came next. The car was stopped and police conducted a drink and drive test on him. Alcohol dose percentage .. 49 mg. However in this order his .. police asked for details. He gave his name as Narala Lalitha Varaprasad of Domalaguda. Police have registered a case under the Motor Vehicle Act. His name was later changed to Lalita Varaprasad & zwnj; Learned not to. Also he was identified as a minor. To this extent Essay Mallya .. Jubileehills & zwnj; After filing a complaint with the police, the police registered a case and launched an investigation. Only the police will test. However, we occasionally see something like this. & Nbsp; Previously & nbsp; They snatched the breath analyzer machine from the police and fled. CR in Kondapur & zwnj; Foundation & zwnj; Nearby a few days ago at night Gatchibauli traffic & zwnj; Police are conducting a drunk and drive test. Miyapur & zwnj; Two people came on the bike from the side. They were stopped by the police. Like everyone else .. the police thought they would cooperate with the test .. but what happened was different. While the home guard is testing the breath analyzer. He grabbed the analyzer and disappeared in a matter of seconds. The police were shocked at once. Police have made a concerted effort to apprehend him. But the drug was not found at all. Madhapur & zwnj; Police are on the lookout for thugs.

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