Will AI tell you when you will die? This Death Calculator will help you know the date and time!

Will AI tell you when you will die?  This Death Calculator will help you know the date and time!

AI Death Prediction: If you are born in this world then it is certain to die. Nothing can be said regarding the death of any person. No one knows what will happen in the future. However, with constantly changing technology, many things that seemed impossible have started becoming possible. Currently, the era of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI is going on, which is surprising everyone with new exploits. Along with its updates, the world of humans is also changing rapidly. Now the prediction of date and time of death of people is being detected through AI. 

Even though it is scary, many people are curious to know how and when they will die? People also go to astrologers for its answer, but they are not able to get the exact answer. Scientists in the European country Denmark are trying to use AI technology to find out when you may die. 

How does 'Death Calculator' work?

Scientists in Denmark are working on a project named Life2Wake. Under this project, scientists are trying to show how amazing technology can be, but they are also warning about the dangers it poses. Through this project, scientists want to know whether they can predict health and social events or not. 

What technology is used

Technical University of Denmark has prepared a 'death calculator' based on Artificial Intelligence. It has been claimed about this death predictor that it can tell the duration of a person's life with great accuracy. In simple language, this death predictor can tell a person how many years he is going to live. In a way, a person will get his expiry date. Scientists say that this project also works on the same algorithm and data as ChatGPT.

Professor Sune Lehmann of Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has given information about this to news agency AFP. He said that health and labor market data related to 60 lakh people from 2008 to 2020 were analyzed for testing. Through this, the date predictor has shown correct data with 78 percent accuracy. Lehman explains that it can predict anything. We sequenced the events that happen in every person's life and used the technology behind ChatGPT for analysis.

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