WhatsApp Account Ban: WhatsApp closed 29 lakh accounts for breaking the rules, are you also making this mistake?

WhatsApp Account Ban: Releasing the User Safety Monthly Report of last month, WhatsApp has closed about 29 lakh 18 thousand Indian accounts. Between January 1 and January 31, there were about 10,29,000 accounts which were closed by the company without any report because they were violating the rules set by the Government of India and WhatsApp’s policy. If you also use WhatsApp for wrong work, then Meta can also take action on your account.

Every month WhatsApp users report many accounts, after which WhatsApp reviews them and permanently blocks or terminates the account if found correct. WhatsApp takes such steps so that the platform can be made safe for the users. Let us tell you, more than 2 billion people use WhatsApp worldwide.

So many accounts were banned in the month of December

In the month of December last year, WhatsApp had closed more than 36 lakh accounts in the country. In January, WhatsApp received about 1,461 complaints regarding different accounts, out of which 1,337 were appealed by the users to ban the account, while on others  complaints were lodged regarding support and safety. 

Soon users will get this option

WhatsApp is working on a new feature under which people will be able to report status. After the new feature, if you do not find someone’s status correct or the person in front has posted wrong content, then you can immediately complain about it on WhatsApp. On review, WhatsApp will remove it immediately. Apart from this, soon users will also get the facility to put voice notes on the status. 

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