Twitter will now be called X, this word will be used instead of tweet

Twitter will now be called X, this word will be used instead of tweet

Twitter New Logo: Ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter, it has been continuously changing. Musk wants to popularize Twitter with the name X among people. Actually, Elon Musk likes X word very much and all his companies include X word. Musk wanted to change the name of the company since buying Twitter but he was unable to do so due to losses. Although now it seems that Musk is about to change the name of Twitter. In fact, on the last day he told people on Twitter that soon we will say goodbye to Twitter’s bird and this brand name.

Musk had asked people to give the design of the X logo in a tweet. He wrote that whatever is the best out of this, he will make it the new logo of the company. On the previous day itself, Musk had pinned a user’s video in which the X logo was made. May be this is the logo of the company from today or temporarily this logo will remain for a few days. Well, it has definitely been decided that now Twitter will become X instead of Twitter and soon the company will get a new logo.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 23, 2023

Instead of it will be 

Twitter’s URL is also going to change. Soon you will be able to search Twitter with the URL of After the name of the platform is X, the posts written in it will be known as An X instead of tweets. Actually, a Twitter user had asked Musk the question that what would the tweets be called after Twitter’s name is X. In response, Musk said An X.

What will be the new name for a tweet once Twitter changes its name to X?

— WOLF (@WOLF_Financial) July 23, 2023

People are getting mixed reactions regarding the change in the name of the company. Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino said in a tweet that it is difficult for any business to create a new impression among people again. But Twitter has done just that and soon X will change the way we communicate. 

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