Twitter down: Twitter stalled, people are not seeing new tweets

Twitter Down Wordwide: Micro blogging platform Twitter is down worldwide. Users are unable to see new posts on Twitter. Users are reacting fiercely on social media when the platform is down. According to Downdetector, in the last 1 hour, more than 600 people have registered the report of Twitter being down on the website. There are about 59% people who have faced this problem on the app while 37% people have said about the problem on the web.

Earlier in the month of February, Twitter’s service was down for hours, in which users were neither able to read direct messages nor update posts. Ever since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, this platform has been a victim of technical problems many times and has been down for hours at times. At present, there is no official comment from Twitter on the platform being down.


Is Twitter down?

— Yukki (@KoushanM) March 1, 2023



Elon Musk trying to fix twitter.

— 👑Che_Krishna🇮🇳 (@ChekrishnaCk) March 1, 2023


CEO had said that he is fixing the issue

Twitter’s new CEO Elon Musk had said some time ago that his team is working on fixing all the issues of Twitter. However, this time also Twitter is down all over the world and #TwitterDown is trending fast. The new feed (new tweets) is not showing up in Twitter. Even after refreshing the old tweet is visible. However, if someone wants to make a new tweet, then that option is working.

people constantly getting fired on Twitter

Twitter has fired 200 people recently. Even before this, Twitter has shown the way out to thousands of employees. Product managers, engineers and people from the data scientist department are among the 200 employees who have lost their jobs. Even the head of Blue Verification Subscription has been removed from the company. Twitter’s head of sales has also lost its job.

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