This AI tool will copy your voice exactly in just 15 seconds, OpenAI brings Voice Engine

This AI tool will copy your voice exactly in just 15 seconds, OpenAI brings Voice Engine

OpenAI Voice Engine Tool: Continuous work is being done on Artificial Intelligence (AI) all over the world. Now OpenAI is going to introduce such a tool, after the arrival of which you will also be surprised. Actually, OpenAI is working on a voice engine, which will imitate your voice after listening to it. 

OpenAI's Voice Engine tool is an AI tool, which can imitate your voice exactly after listening to it. OpenAI has given information regarding this in its blog. It has been told in the blog that the voice engine tool can listen to any audio and give a similar audio clip of 15 seconds. 

Feature not made public

This tool has the ability to generate clone voice only on the basis of small audio. It can work in many languages. In view of the security risk, OpenAI has not yet made this feature public and it is limited to testers.

In the blog post, OpenAI said that we have recently done a small test on a model called Voice Engine. This model can be text input and a short 15-second audio sample of a human voice. Even with only a small sample, this model can create sounds that sound emotional and realistic. 

Whom can we help?

Voice engine can help those who cannot read well. In this, they can be helped by using a natural sounding voice to read the text aloud. OpenAI believes it is important for people to understand synthetic voice technology, and we look forward to engaging with researchers, developers, and policymakers to address its challenges and capitalize on its opportunities.

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