These big changes have come in ChatGPT in one year, know what unique things you can do apart from topic search

These big changes have come in ChatGPT in one year, know what unique things you can do apart from topic search

Open AI launched its chatbot, Chat GPT, in November last year. This AI tool did the miracle in just 5 days which big tech giants could not do with their tools. In just 5 days, Chat GPT attracted 10 lakh people. This tool crossed the 100 million mark in just two months and last October the chatbot achieved a userbase of 1 billion. With time the company has made many important changes in its chatbot. Earlier only the free version of this chatbot was available but today this chatbot is also available in premium version which can now see, hear and speak.

Not just topic search, you can do all this also 

With Open AI's chatbot, you can not only do topic search but can do many things including poems, emails, jokes, letters, coding, studies, culture, voice assistant etc. The company has also launched a mobile app of the chatbot which allows premium users to ask questions by voice. After listening to the question, this chatbot will answer you only by speaking. Also, you can ask anything to this chatbot through photo.

You can create your own chatbot using Chat GPT only

The company made many announcements in the DevDay developer event of Open AI held some time ago. Open AI said that now Chat GPT users will be able to create their own AI tools with the help of this tool. The more important thing is that you can create your chatbot without coding. Generally, there is a need to write long codes to create any product, but Open AI has eliminated this need and has given users a GPT Builder tool inside Chat GPT. Currently this tool has been released only for GPT Plus users. That means free users will not get access to it.

Understand with example 

For example, if a person or company has to do only marketing related work, then you can put marketing related data in your GPT so that when the concerned users use it, their work gets done. This will benefit the end users that they will get the information for their work immediately and they will not have to go here and there. Similarly, you can create your own travel guide GPT, board game teaching GPT, math teaching GPT etc. GPT Builder can be provided with access to web browsing, DALL-E, and OpenAI's code interpreter tools to write and execute software, and can use natural language to train itself. >

Not only this, after creating their chatbot, users can also upload it on the GPT store. As people start using your chatbot, the company will also give you some part of the earnings from it. 

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