These 8 new features will be added soon in the new update of WhatsApp, it will be easier to use

WhatsApp New Features: The use of WhatsApp will become more interesting in the coming few days. Soon WhatsApp will release a new update for Android and iOS users. In this updated version, you will get many such features which will make its use more comfortable and secure. WhatsApp Features Tracker WABetaInfo  According to this, the company has been testing many new features since days. Of these, 2-3 have been started with some users. We are telling you about 8 such new features that you will get on WhatsApp in the coming days.

1. My Contacts Accept…

2. Community Feature

This feature will give more power to the group admin. In this, there will be facility to create group even within the group. In this new feature, group admins will be able to invite new users through the community invite link. Apart from this, he can also send messages to other members. Chats in subgroups will also be end-to-end encrypted.

3. Improve Disappearing Message option

4. Use on multiple devices without internet

5. Option to react to message

WhatsApp has been working on this feature as well for several days. Under this, you will get the option to react to any message just like Facebook and Instagram. For this, you have to hold that message for some time. After this, different options will appear for the reaction.

6. Will be able to listen to the voice message before sending it

Under this feature, you will be able to listen to a voice message before sending it. A stop button is also being added to this. Now you will be able to listen to the voice message and if the message does not sound right, then you will be able to delete it instead of sending it.

7. Contact Card New Design

8. Whether the emoji is open or not, will get information

Right now if you send emoji to someone during chatting, then it is not known whether it is open or not. But now WhatsApp is adding a new feature, under this, if that emoji is not downloaded, you will get a message that the emoji cannot be opened or the version of WhatsApp you are using does not support it.

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