These 13 features of iPhone 13 make the phone special, don’t worry about the rate if you want features

iPhone 13 Features: Apple launched the iPhone 13 in September 2021. Since its launch, there is a lot of craze among people about it. To make this phone better equipped with all the features, the company is also working on some of its updates. In such a situation, this phone will become more special. However, due to the high price, not everyone is able to buy it even after wanting. If you are also planning to take this phone, but have not been able to take it due to the confusion of the price, then we are telling the top features of this phone and some such hidden features, knowing about which you may not find this phone expensive.

Here are the top features of iPhone 13  

  1. Camera – The biggest feature of this phone is its camera. It has a new wide angle camera which can capture 47% more light for low noise and bright images. The company has also given sensor shift optical stabilization with 1.7um sensor pixel and f / 1.6 aperture. Its night mode works very fast. You also get a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera in the iPhone 13, its aperture is f / 2.4. The most important aspect of its camera is its cinematic video mode. This rack supports focus. With this you can even make a movie. In cinematic mode, the camera itself starts focusing and defocusing according to the subject.  
  2. fast processor – In this phone you get a fast processor. In this, Apple’s latest A15 Bionic chipset has been given. The company claims that it has a faster CPU than any smartphone. In this model, the company has made a lot of changes from the old model. The notch has been shortened in the iPhone 13. The previous model had a speaker in the notch, while the speaker is above the notch. Changing the design of the camera also makes the look better.
  3. strong display – There is no answer to this phone even in terms of display. In the iPhone 13, you will get a display with a promotional refresh rate of 120Hz. You can use it from 10hHz to 120Hz. Its brightness is 1200 nits. You will also get HDR and True Tone automatic color temperature adjustment option in the display of this phone. Another special thing is that the protection of the ceramic shield has been given in the display and backside.
  4. Battery – The battery of iPhone 13 is also much better than its old version. . The company says that it will get 2.5 hours more battery backup than the iPhone 12.
  5. Screen Size – The screen size of the old model of the iPhone was average. In many cases people felt the need for a bigger screen. This problem has been fixed in this phone. You get a 6.1-inch OLED screen in the phone.

These are silent features

  1. This phone has a special option to unload three fingers on touching twice
  2. Reading goals option has also been added in the book section of iPhone 13
  3. > Another silent feature in this is amazing. When you remove any subscription app from it, you will get a related alert notification
  4. In this phone you will also get a silent option to silence unknown caller. You can start it by going to Settings and then phone
  5. Under this feature you can also uninstall any app from the phone directly by going to the App Store
  6. Close itself The Safari tab will go. This is an amazing silent feature. Under this, you can choose different days as preferences. After this the Safari tab will be automatically closed accordingly
  7. This phone now gives you silent features like better location privacy setting

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