The phone kept lying in water for 7 days, when taken out it was working properly… Which phone is this about?

Iphone 11: Apple’s smartphones come with extremely premium and amazing features. In this, you get water resistant capability, with the help of which they work properly even in water and nothing happens to them. Different models are told by Apple that how long they can stay in water. But in the meanwhile a case has come to the fore which has proved the company itself a liar. Actually, a person’s iPhone 11 fell into water in Brazil. When this iPhone was returned after about 1 week, it was in perfect working condition. Know what is the whole matter. 

What’s the matter?

According to a report in G1, Breno Rafael was riding a boat in Lake Paranoa in Brazil when he saw a woman calling for help in the water. As soon as Kshatra jumped into the water to help the woman, his phone fell out of his pocket. The student did not know this then, but when he came out of the river, he realized that his phone had fallen into the water. Breno Rafael wasn’t quite sure that he would ever get his phone back.

But a week later a diving instructor Edinho Rocha returned the phone to him. The instructor told that the iphone11 had gone into about 7 meters deep water which he found during night driving. Edinho Rocha said that when he came out of the water, he thought that the phone must not be working because it was in very deep water. But when he turned it on, it was in perfect working condition. After this  He posted a video on social media in which he sought people’s help to locate the owner of the phone. Breno Rafael  saw this video and found his iphone11 safe. 

Let us tell you, iPhone 11 has been given the certification of ip68, which can remain fine for about 30 minutes in 2 meters of water. However, in this incident, the iPhone 11 stayed in about 7 meters deep water for about 7 days and it was in good condition. That is why we are saying that the phone has proved the company itself a liar.

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