Samsung launches washing machine with AI features, read full list of special features and price

Samsung launches washing machine with AI features, read full list of special features and price

Samsung AI Ecobubble washing machines:Samsung has introduced its latest AI Ecobubble series of washing machines in India. This is a front-load designed washing machine, which is completely automatic. Samsung says that this washing machine can complete the task of washing clothes up to 50% faster by using AI technology.

Samsung is offering 2 years comprehensive warranty on its AI Ecobubble washing machine and 20 years warranty on the motor. As of now, the new washing machine is available only in black color option. Let's take a look at the features and price of Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine.

Features of AI Washing Machine

  • Samsung's AI Ecobubble washing machine is fully automatic and has a loading capacity of 11 kg.
  • It features a compact form factor and front-load design with one glass door, dimensions of 60cmx 85cm x 60 cm.
  • The most special feature of this machine is the EcoBubble technology present in it, which turns the detergent into bubbles. This helps in cleaning clothes faster as it removes dirt quickly.
  • The machine can also recognize clothes and automatically set wash settings to get the best wash. 
  • Samsung says its new washing machines provide up to 70% power savings by optimizing the wash cycle based on the load of clothes.
  • It can clean a full load of clothes in just 39 minutes.
  • Quickdrive feature can reduce laundry time by up to 50%. 
  • The machine also uses steam for deep cleaning.
  • Its detergent tray is cleaned with water jet, so that users do not have to clean the tray manually.
  • Samsung AI Ecobubble Washing Machine also offers smart Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Users can control the machine using the Samsung SmartThings app on both Android and iOS devices. 
  • The machine takes note of the user's washing patterns and habits and then automatically optimizes the settings based on them. Based on these settings, the machine can recommend to the user the mode that is most suitable for that person.
  • This washing machine also has features like AI Wash (which detects the weight of clothes and tells the basic wash cycle) and AI Drying feature (which helps in identifying the drying cycle based on the moisture of the clothes). Many AI features are available.

AI Washing Machine Price and Availability

The price of new Samsung AI Ecobubble washing machine starts from Rs 67,990. Its top model is Rs 71,990. This washing machine is available for sale on Samsung's website, e-commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart and all other major electronic retail stores in India.

Samsung is also giving exchange bonus of up to Rs 15,000 on old washing machines. Customers can also get an instant discount of Rs 10,000 on EMI transactions through ICICI Bank.

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