Remember or forget Nokia 3210? Company preparing to relaunch

Remember or forget Nokia 3210?  Company preparing to relaunch

Nokia Old Phone: Finland's smartphone company Nokia was established on 12 May 1865. This means that after a few weeks Nokia is going to celebrate its 159th birthday. On this occasion, Nokia is going to remind its fans of the old days. When you hear the name Nokia, which phone first comes to your mind? Most people would think of Nokia's old feature phones in their mind, because in the matter of feature phones, Nokia had achieved a different position, which perhaps no other company has been able to reach till date.

Nokia preparing to relaunch old phone

Now perhaps Nokia is preparing to re-launch one of its most popular old feature phones, Nokia 3210. However, nothing can be said for sure about it yet, but HMD, the company that launched Nokia's phone, has released a teaser, in which a picture of Nokia 3210 is mentioned along with the talk of Nokia's upcoming birthday. Has been done. This means that Nokia can re-introduce its old and legendary feature phone in the market around May 12.

HMD Global has announced this new phone on X (old name Twitter). It is mentioned in this post that this is a "icon" will return. However, the company has not yet confirmed which new version of Nokia's old phone will be launched, but looking at the design of the phone whose picture is seen in the post, Nokia's old phone Nokia 3210 comes to mind. Or Nokia 3310 comes to mind. 

Glimpse of the design seen in the teaser

However, if you look carefully at the picture shared by HMD Global on X, you will be able to get an idea of ​​some features of Nokia's upcoming feature phone. For example, a single camera with 8-bit version is visible in the back of this phone. This will be a big change because old Nokia phones did not have a camera. An LED light is also visible below this camera.

An icon returns this May. #Nokiaphones

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— HMD (@HMDdevices) March 18, 2024

Let us tell you that Nokia had launched a new version of its old phone Nokia 3310 in 2017. In that phone, the company had placed the LED light next to the camera, but now in the phone that Nokia is going to launch, the LED light has been fitted below the camera. Now it remains to be seen which of its old phones Nokia is going to launch the new version of. However, the company may release more teasers in the coming month, through which we will get some new information about the old Nokia phone being relaunched on Nokia's birthday.

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