One small mistake and you will lose everything! Government agency issued this high risk warning

One small mistake and you will lose everything!  Government agency issued this high risk warning

CERT-In Warning for Microsoft Users: Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), the government agency that monitors cyber security, has issued a warning for Microsoft users. The agency has found some flaws in Microsoft products, due to which users have been warned. CERT-In has issued a notification stating that this may put the security of users at risk. 

CERT-In says that special attention should be paid to such users who are using Windows 10 and Windows 11. Some threats have been seen in these Windows. This alert has been kept in the critical category by the agency. According to the agency, ignoring these flaws can prove dangerous. These vulnerabilities are due to the presence of incorrect restricted access. 

Alert issued for these Microsoft products

This alert has been issued for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Azure, Browser, Developers Tools, Microsoft Dynamics, Exchange Server and System Center. This threat was linked to Microsoft Windows Kernel, through which hackers could gain access to users'  Were targeting the system. To install malware, hackers send special requests to users' systems, which are in the form of suspicious links. 

Issuing a notification, the government agency said that for the purpose of hacking a device, suspicious links are sent to the users, on clicking which malware gets entered into the PC or laptop. This is the reason why attempts are made to steal personal information of users. According to CERT-In, you should always keep the system updated. To remain alert, it is important that you do not open any pop-up and you have to be very cautious even before clicking on unknown links. 

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