Now this thing will not be seen while playing videos in Youtube, a great update is coming soon… know what it is

Google’s video sharing platform YouTube is used worldwide. Today YouTube is not only providing important information to the people but is also a source of employment for many people. From time to time, Google brings many updates on its platform to improve the user experience. Meanwhile, there is news that the company is going to bring another update on this app, which is currently under testing.

This will be a new update
Everyone must have seen some YouTube video sometime or the other. When you watch a YouTube video, the progress bar of the video appears in red. As the red color moves forward in the progress bar, the video also gets covered accordingly. That is, the more part of the video you watch, the progress bar turns red. At the same time, the part of the video which is loading further is visible to us in white colour. But now the company is going to change it. According to a report by 9 to 5 Google, now the progress bar of the video can be white or gray in color instead of red. However, now the white progress bar appears only when you have turned on incognito mode on the device. It is believed that YouTube is bringing this new feature to improve the experience of users in night time.

Live Q&A
Last year in the month of November, YouTube rolled out a new feature for creators, in which they get the facility to question and answer live. With this feature, creators can interact with viewers while they are live. YouTube told that this feature will help creators to connect with people and answer questions in real time. Not only questions and answers, but creators can also enter live poll questions if they wish.

Testing is going on this feature too
Apart from progress bar, YouTube is also testing a feature called Queue. After the introduction of this feature, users will be able to add any video to the Queue list or edit the video list. Let us tell you, YouTube ‘Queue’ functionality already exists on the web. It helps users to create a custom playlist on YouTube Music. Although this facility is only for prime members.

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