Now Google will alert as soon as fake calls come, just keep this setting on.. Years of hard work will be saved

With the advent of the Internet, the cases of digital fraud are increasing continuously. All of you must have received such a call on your mobile phone at one time or the other which is spam or fake. Many people keep an application named Truecaller in their smartphone, which already starts alerting people that this call is spam or fraud. Like Truecaller, now Google will also inform you about spam calls. Actually, Google is about to launch a new update in its Voice app, so that you will be able to ignore fraud calls.

Google has added a warning to its voice feature that will mark suspicious calls with the label ‘Suspected Spam Caller’ and alert you. At the same time, if you feel that the call is not spam, then you can also remove it from the spam list. Google has added this feature to the latest version of Google Voice’s WiFi and network cellular switching. Means if you are taking calls from WiFi also then you will see the alert. 

Such a label will appear on fake calls
After the new update, whenever you receive a suspicious call, Google will check it and alert you. If this call is spam, then you will see a red color label as an alert on which the suspected ‘spam caller; Must have been written. Till now people could get this information from third party applications like Truecaller etc. but now you will get this facility in Google Voice also. Google will use advanced artificial intelligence to select numbers as spam. 

This facility will be available
Many times it happens that the call is of your use but spam alert is written in it. After the new update appears, you can also remove the number from the spam list by going to the history of Google Voice. Keep in mind that if you remove a number from the spam list, then you will not see any warning on future calls from it. 

Turn on the new feature like this
Go to Settings to take advantage of the new feature. After that go to security and filter spam and turn it on. If the voice spam filter is off in your phone, then the suspicious spam label will be activated automatically. Google has informed that this new update has started from December 29 and gradually everyone will start getting it. 

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