Not only iPhone, now Android users can also transfer E-Sim, know the method

Not only iPhone, now Android users can also transfer E-Sim, know the method

How to Transfer E-Sim: As people are adopting advanced technology, people are ignoring old things and using new products and services. An example of this is the SIM card used in mobile phones. Earlier only physical SIM card was used. However, now some people have started using e-KIM card. In this digital era, e-SIM card is better than physical for privacy and security. 

At present, very few people use e-SIM cards in India, but gradually its users are increasing. All three big telecom companies of India provide the facility of e-SIM. Apple has been providing e-SIM facility in its iPhone for a long time. Now it is available in some Android smartphones also. However, the problem at present with Android is that users cannot easily transfer e-SIM from one mobile to another. For this they have to complete the entire process by sending messages manually. But all this is going to change soon. 

Actually, Google is offering this option for Android devices from Android 14. Earlier this feature was limited only to Pixel devices but now it is available in other Android phones also. However, this feature has not been rolled out on a large scale yet. 

Data will be transferred like this 

According to the report of Android Authority, a user saw the option of e-SIM transfer to his LG V60 ThinQ while setting up his Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Besides, the option of e-SIM transfer from Galaxy phones to Google Pixel devices was also being shown. Earlier, when Samsung released One UI 5.1 update, there was only an option to transfer e-SIM between Samsung phones. However, now this feature has changed in the new update of Samsung and non-Galaxy users can also transfer the e-SIM to another device by scanning the QR code. 

To transfer e-SIM from one phone to another, you have to scan the QR code of the old phone from the new phone. After the process is completed, your SIM card gets activated in a new one. Until the process is completed, you can use the SIM card on the old device. 

This change was first spotted by FragmentedChicken on Reddit and Samsung has given this option in One UI 6.1 update. 

Google had told about e-SIM transfer tool in MWC 2023. Now getting this option in other devices from Samsung means that the company will gradually bring it to everyone. At present, people are getting this option between Pixel to Pixel and Samsung's new phones.   

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