Meta and Qualcomm partnered, these devices will get Llama-3 AI features

Meta and Qualcomm partnered, these devices will get Llama-3 AI features

Meta AI: Just a few hours ago, Meta has introduced a new version of its AI chatbot Llama-3, which the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has described as Meta AI Assistant. Now news is coming that Meta has partnered with the world's most popular smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm and under this partnership, Meta AI Llama-3 will be supported in future devices launched with Qualcomm Snapdragon. Let us tell you the details of this partnership.

Meta partners with Qualcomm

Qualcomm and Meta have announced a new collaboration to add Llama-3 support to Snapdragon-powered devices. This partnership will allow smartphones, VR/AR headsets, vehicles, and other gadgets to run with Meta's in-house AI models and use AI functions on the device. With the help of this partnership, devices with Snapdragon chip will also have the facility to use generative AI using Llama-3.

Llama-3 is a custom AI model created by Meta, which works similar to OpenAI's GPT model and Google's Gemini. It provides APIs that can be used by applications to run AI features. These AI models mostly run on cloud servers because they require high computing resources. The device also requires an active Internet connection to access those functions.

Features of Lama-3 will be available in Snapdragon device

Qualcomm's latest flagship processors include dedicated NPUs, like the Hexagon NPU on Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. This enables the device to run small-scale AI models, large enough for a single user.

This partnership between Meta and Qualcomm paves the way for in-built AI features to be included in future Snapdragon devices. In simple words, this means that any Snapdragon chipset launched under the partnership of Meta and Qualcomm will not require an internet connection to use Llama-3 based AI features.

Common users will find it much easier to use AI features through this and even users unaware of AI technology will learn to use AI technology through the on-device Meta AI feature.

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