iPhone users be careful! Hackers found a new way to steal Face ID and bank account details

iPhone users be careful!  Hackers found a new way to steal Face ID and bank account details

iPhone: In this modern world of internet and smartphones, many tasks have become easy for the users, which they can do through mobile phones while sitting at home, but with so many facilities. There have also been some problems for the users. The biggest problem among those problems is data leaking from smartphones and privacy leaking. For this reason, many smartphone users around the world use iPhone. 

Hackers' plan for iPhone

Actually, Apple company's iPhone is considered the best phone for data and privacy protection. This happens because Apple keeps fixing the bugs in its devices from time to time and hence stealing data from iPhone is a very difficult task for hackers, but now hackers have also stolen the important personal data of users from iPhone. Have found a way to steal.

Apple keeps fixing the bugs of iPhone through its updates so that hackers do not get any chance, but despite that, hackers have managed to develop a Trojan. This is the first Trojan for iOS, which can not only steal users' bank account details but can also steal important things like their biometric data or Face ID, due to which users may have to face huge losses.&nbsp ;

How does the new Trojan work?

Researchers at Group-IB, a security research firm, have found a Trojan named 'GoldPickaxe.iOS', which is capable of facial recognition, identifying documents and intercepting SMS. The researchers explained in a blog post that 'To take advantage of stolen biometric data, the threatening hacker uses an AI-powered face-swapping service to create deepfakes.'

All this data, combined with the ability to intercept ID documents and SMS, helps cybercriminals gain unauthorized access to the bank account details of iPhone users. This is a new technique of monetary theft. Let us tell you that a version of this trojan also targets Android devices, but for the first time, a trojan has been developed to target the iPhone, which is quite dangerous for iPhone users.

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