Invasive Apps: These 2 apps in your phone are collecting the most data, all this information is tracked

Invasive Apps: These 2 apps in your phone are collecting the most data, all this information is tracked

Most Privacy Invasive Apps: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter (X ) are four such apps that you will see in most people's phones. Apart from these, there are some other major apps but these apps are used by almost every person in India. Meanwhile, a report has come out in which it has been told about the apps that collect the most data. According to a cyber security company named Surfshark, Meta's Facebook and Instagram are the two apps that steal the most data from users. The company uses this data for its own benefit.

100 apps were included in the research 

A cyber security agency named Surfshark had included 100 popular apps in its research. Out of these, Facebook and Instagram were found to be the only two apps which are collecting the most data. Let us tell you, this is not the first time that these apps of Meta have been kept in the category of 'Most Invasive Apps'. Even before this, different research firms have said the same thing. 

The cyber security agency ranked the apps based on 32 standards which are part of Apple's privacy policy. Like payment information, location, browsing history etc. Researchers said that since Instagram and Facebook are products of meta platforms, it is not surprising that both these apps collect and store data in the same way. He said both apps collect all 32 data points defined by Apple and are the only two apps to do so. 

All this information is collected 

The report said that Facebook and Instagram use 7 of Apple's data points and use users' name, phone number, address to track them. The company uses all others for identity purposes. Surfshark's research also revealed that Musk's company X collects less data and shares very little information with third party advertisers. X uses less than half of the approximately 22 data pieces for tracking. 

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