How can someone eat idli worth 6 lakhs! This report of Swiggy may surprise you

Swiggy : Famous food order and delivery platform Swiggy has recently released its interesting report for World Idli Day. When the delivery platform presented the figures after analyzing the popularity of Idli in India, it was shocking. The report presented showed that people of India have ordered around 33 million plates of idli on Swiggy in the last one year. Now just think here it is only about Swiggy, if Zomato is also added to it then where will the figures reach. However, we do not currently have data for Zomato. 

person orders idli worth 6 lakhs

Swiggy’s report is all the more shocking when it states that an idli lover from Hyderabad is so in love with the Indian Namkeen Rice Cake that he has spent over 6 lakhs on ordering idlis from Swiggy in the last 12 months. This thing is really shocking. The report further states that Swiggy has delivered 33 million plates of idlis in the top three cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai in the last 12 months. Maximum orders of Idli have been received from here. Apart from this, orders have also been received from Mumbai, Coimbatore, Pune, Vizag, Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi. 

This man’s immense love for Idli

Idli would no doubt be the favorite dish of many, but  a man from Hyderabad has taken his love for idli to the next level. The person has placed the maximum number of orders for Idli on the platform. The person has spent more than 6 lakh rupees in a year just for idli. Not only this, the thing will be more surprising when you will know that the person has ordered for idli from different places, even if he has traveled somewhere, he has ordered idli there too. The man has ordered 8,428 plates of idlis, including orders placed for both friends and family while traveling in cities like Bangalore and Chennai. 
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