Government approval will not be necessary for AI models, government updated the rules!

Government approval will not be necessary for AI models, government updated the rules!

AI Models: Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI technology is being discussed a lot in the whole world including India. This technology can benefit users in many ways, but it can also cause harm in many ways. For cyber criminals who commit crimes through the internet, AI is a new way of committing crimes, through which they can commit huge scams. For this reason, there were talks of regulating AI in countries around the world.

Government update for AI models

A few weeks ago, the Government of India had also announced that any tech firm will have to take permission from the government before launching any new AI model in India. However, now a new news is coming, according to which the Government of India has abolished this requirement. This means that now the tech firm will not need government permission to develop or launch a new AI model.

This new update has been revealed through a latest report of Tech Crunch. According to this report, the Ministry of Electronics and IT has updated its AI advisory for industry stakeholders on Friday. The new advisory states that tech companies do not need to seek government approval before launching AI models in the country.

Government issued new advisory

However, tech companies will have to label unreliable and under-tested AI models to maintain transparency. Apart from this, it will help in reducing misinformation generated by content generated by AI. According to the report, when the government made government approval mandatory for launching AI models a few weeks ago, it had to face criticism from many tech firms.

It is noteworthy that last year, Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajiv Chandrashekhar had confirmed that the government will not regulate AI applications, but in the last few months, misuse of AI technology has been seen across the world including India. Went. Especially, fraud using deepfake technology with the help of AI is the most dangerous and worrying. For this reason, the government had made government approval necessary for AI models. Now it remains to be seen how the government will deal with the shortcomings of AI in the future.

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