From Quarantine to Braille display, you are going to get these amazing features in Android 15.

From Quarantine to Braille display, you are going to get these amazing features in Android 15.

Android 15 New Features List: Recently, Google released the first public beta version of Android 15, which is currently for Google Pixel smartphone users. Talking about the launch of Android 15, it is going to be presented at the Google I/O 2024 event next month. Users were eagerly waiting to see what new features would be included in their phones through Android 15.

Android 15 includes many amazing features, from security features to full screen. Let us tell you:- 

Quarantine Feature 

The security feature of Android 15 has been seen in the early beta version. Google is developing the system in the app store of its operating system in such a way that any fake app will be restricted. This feature of Android has been named Quarantine, which protects your phone from any kind of virus attack. Information about this security feature of Android 15 has been given in the report of Android Authority. 

App Archive Feature 

You will also get to see an archive feature in Android 15. In this, if you do not want to use any app or use it very rarely, then you can keep it in the archive. In such a situation, you will not have to delete the app and also whenever you need this app, you will be able to remove this app from the archive. 

Full Screen Feature 

Users are also going to get another special feature through Android 15, through which no app in the phone will open in any window style but it will open in the entire screen. This means that while using any app on the phone, the black colored bar box appearing at the bottom or top will no longer be visible. With this feature, the display experience of the users will become quite new and wonderful. 

Braille Display Feature 

The Android 15 update will have native support for external braille displays, which uses the HID standard over USB and Bluetooth. New Braille display support has been provided for those who are visually impaired. 

Cellular Network Features

In this feature you are going to get better network security than before. Along with this, encryption will also be available with the network. 

Apart from this, among other features you will also get Wi-Fi connection, wallet selection and exclusive widget feature.

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