Elon Musk's Cybertruck comes in the form of a smartphone, priced at Rs 7.26 lakh

Elon Musk's Cybertruck comes in the form of a smartphone, priced at Rs 7.26 lakh

Tesla Cybertruck converted into Samsung S24 Ultra: Tesla's Cybertruck is now going to come in your hands. Yes, this is true. Caviar, a Dubai company, has created a mobile phone whose design is exactly like Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck. The name of this new phone is Samsung S24 Ultra. An attempt has been made to make this Samsung phone exactly like Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck. Even the phone has truck-like headlights and taillights.

Smartphone made from cyber truck

Many great features have been given in this Samsung phone based on the design of Tesla's Cyber ​​Truck. Windshield and sunroof have also been installed in it like a truck. It also has a cargo deck cover like an electric truck. Just like the cyber truck has headlights and backlights, the mobile phone manufacturing company has decorated its phones with headlights and taillights with the help of EV. This model of Samsung can become a very good choice for collectors. Many people would like to buy this smartphone which looks like a cyber truck.

Samsung S24 Ultra price

Both Tesla vehicle lovers and Samsung phone lovers would like to buy this phone. This phone has come in the market to get into people's hands. The price of this phone is 8,770 dollars and in Indian currency its price becomes 7.26 lakh rupees. The reason behind its expensive price is the new look model in the category of this phone. Caviar says that this phone is a geometric body phone made entirely of metal.

Such phones have already been made

This is not the first model of the phone manufacturing company. The company had also customized the phone for iPhone 15 fans. The company had designed iPhone 15 on the lines of Mercedes Vision AVTR. The price of this phone is $8,990 and the amount in Indian currency is Rs 7.45 lakh.

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