Blue Whale Challenge: What is the Blue Whale Challenge, which cost the life of a 20 year old Indian student in America?

Blue Whale Challenge: What is the Blue Whale Challenge, which cost the life of a 20 year old Indian student in America?

Dangerous Online Game Blue Whale: Nowadays the craze of online gaming is increasing very fast. There are many such games available in the gaming industry, which can prove to be very dangerous for gamers. The name of one of those games is Blue Whale Challenge. This game has created a wave of death all over the world for the last few years and this time an Indian student studying in an American university has become the victim of this game. 

Blue Whale Challenge takes life of Indian student

According to media reports, a 20-year-old Indian student has lost his life due to the Blue Whale Challenge game. This student from Andhra Pradesh was studying in the University of Massachusetts, America. He was a first year student of a five-year course. On March 8 this year, the body of this 20-year-old Indian student was found in suspicious circumstances.

Speaking about the case, Bristol County District Attorney's spokesperson Greg Miliot said that the case is being investigated as an apparent suicide. However, earlier the death of this student was being described as murder and the correct identity of the student could not be established. 

In an old report running in the American media, it was told that this Indian student was a student of Boston University. He was robbed in the forest and then murdered and his body was put inside a car. After this rumor, the Boston Globe newspaper revealed the real identity of this student.

Police have not yet given information about the exact cause of death, but most of the reports believe that he died due to playing Blue Wham game. Let us tell you about this game.

What is the Blue Whale Challenge?

Blue Whale is an online game. There are more than 50 levels in this game, and with each level the game becomes more difficult. Gamers get a lot of challenges in this game. As the level increases, the challenges in the game become more difficult. In these challenges, gamers are asked to harm their body and in this sequence, many gamers get busy in completing such tasks, in which they even lose their lives.

Many gamers have lost their lives in the last 6-7 years due to this game. The Indian government had banned this game years ago and had also issued an advisory in 2017, in which it was said that this is a provocative game and one should stay away from it. 

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