Big blow to Windows 10 users, Microsoft took this decision

Big blow to Windows 10 users, Microsoft took this decision

Tech giant Microsoft is going to end the support of other updates including security and bugs for Windows 10 operating system in the coming time. This means that no support of any kind will be provided by the company on this OS. Ending support is going to have a big impact on the company. In fact, Canalys Research states that if the company ends support, it will affect 240 million computers and all these systems will become junk. Also, it was told in the research that the waste generated from these computers will be about 480 million kilograms which is equal to about 3,20,000 vehicles.

There will be an impact on demand 

It is not that after ending the support, computers running on Windows 10 will stop. These will work as before but if there is any problem or bug in them then the company will not provide any support for it. Also, hackers keep a close watch on such systems and they can target millions of people by taking advantage of the loophole. Canalys Research said that this will reduce the demand for the company's computers and they will continue to gather dust in the factory.

When is the company going to end support?

Microsoft is going to end support for Windows 10 OS after October 10, 2025. However, it is being said that the company can continue to provide support till 2028 with some annual price. At present there is no official information available in this regard. If the company charges higher prices, it will be cost effective for users to migrate to the new system and the demand for the old system will reduce. Research has said that the company is going to support AI features in the new OS which is going to completely change the user experience.

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