BGMI 3.0 Update: New update will come with Royal Pass, free reward list revealed

BGMI 3.0 Update: New update will come with Royal Pass, free reward list revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile India:This news can be very useful for the gamers playing Battlegrounds Mobile India i.e. BGMI. If you are fond of games then you will definitely be waiting for the upcoming update in BGMI. 

The wait for new updates will end soon

The wait for BGMI 3.0 update is going to end soon. This update will come with a new Royale Pass, in which the names of some of the rewards available have also been leaked. Let us show you the list of all those rewards names, but before that let us talk about the upcoming updates in this most amazing game of Battle Field.

The time for Battlegrounds Mobile India A3 Royale Pass is about to end. According to the in-game timer it is set to end on January 15th. BGMI A4 Royale Pass leaks are going viral on the internet. Let us show you the list of possible rewards available in this. The cost of purchasing the Royale Pass is 360 UC, and it comes with a variety of benefits. These include some of the benefits given below:

  • Access to 100 levels of exclusive rewards
  • XP gain will increase
  • Special missions and challenges will be available.
  • Chance to win special items through Royal Pass Lucky Spin

BGMI A4 Royale Pass Leaked Rewards

  • Rank 1: Berry Fluffy Set
  • Rank 10: Drop-Ears- Scorpion Skin
  • Rank 15: New emote, Panthera Prime Plain Skin
  • Rank 20: Neuro Dynamo Helmet Skin
  • Rank 25: Seasonal Parachute Skin
  • Rank 30: Origami Drake- MP5K Skin
  • Rank 40: Cryptic Hunter Set and Headgear
  • Rank 45: Biowave Tracker Headcover
  • Rank 50: Panthera Prime – DBS (Level 1)
  • Rank 55: Jetstream Shark- QBU Skin
  • Rank 60: Panthera Prime Backpack
  • Rank 65: Panthera Prime Ornament
  • Rank 70: Icy Reindeer
  • Rank 75: Panthera Prime Sidecar Motorcycle Skin
  • Rank 80: Biowave Tracker- Thompson SMG, Panthera Prime Stun
  • Grenade Skin, Panthera Prime Emote
  • Rank 90: Frosty Evil- M249 Skin
  • Rank 100: Panthera Prime Set (Level 1)

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