Bard AI: AI tool Bard will be integrated with Google search, answer will be like chat GPT on writing question

Google’s Bard: After Chat GPT appeared in the market, Google also accelerated work on its AI tool and in recent times it was made live for some users. Google’s AI tool Bard has been released to some beta testers in the US. Although it is still in the developing stage and many times it is also giving wrong information to the people. Meanwhile, there is news that Google may soon integrate its AI tool with Google Search. That is, after this integration, when you write a question on Google, you will get an answer like Chat GPT. Well, it is not yet clear that how will it integrate with the company.  Microsoft has integrated Chat GPT in its browser. To access it, people have to click on the chat option present in the Bing browser. Now it has to be seen how Google integrates its AI tool with Google Search.

Google search will not be harmed by chatbot – Pichai 

In an interview given to The Wall Street Journal, when Sundar Pichai was asked whether users would be able to question and answer the Large Language Model through Google, Sundar Pichai said yes in response. That is, the company can integrate its AI tool with Google search in the coming times. Along with this, Sundar Pichai also denied that there could be any loss to Google search business due to chatbot.

In a recent podcast interview, Sundar Pichai had said that the company is working on improving Bard and it is the responsibility of the company to make it as reliable as Google Search. Actually, initially when this AI tool was launched by Google, it gave many wrong answers to the users, for which Google also had to be trolled. That’s why now the company is working with focus on Bard and wants to make it accurate and perfect.

New version of Chaat GPT launched 

Last month Open AI has launched GPT-4, a new version of Chat GPT. Access to GPT-4 is available only to Plus subscribers. In the new version, people can also query through images. Also, this chat is more accurate and advanced than the old model of GPT.

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