Apple's warning to 92 countries including India, know how to avoid this dangerous cyber attack

Apple's warning to 92 countries including India, know how to avoid this dangerous cyber attack

Apple Mercenary Spyware: Apple has issued a global warning by sending a special notification to users around the world. Apple has warned Apple users in 92 countries around the world including India about mercenary spyware attack. If you understand this in simple language then there can be a cyber attack on the devices of the users using Apple devices.

What is spyware?

This question must be arising in the minds of all of you that what is Mercenary Spyware. Actually, spyware is a software piece that secretly enters your device and then collects data about you and shares your confidential information to carry out cyber attacks on your device.

It captures everything from your login credentials, financial details, email-related details and even your keyboard strokes. Overall, spyware cyber attack can make any person poor.

What is a Mercenary Spyware Attack?

Mercenary spyware is a special type of spy software, which targets only specific users and tries to get complete information about them, like who they are, what they do, etc. According to Apple, such cyber attacks are more dangerous than normal cyber attacks.

Its target is only a small number of specific people and their devices. Mercenary spyware attacks cost crores of rupees, and their shell life is also short. For this reason it becomes very difficult to detect and stop them. An example of such an attack is the use of Pegasus by the NSO group.

What is happening in this attack?

In this case, Apple has issued a notification for iPhone users in India, alerting them about a cyber attack. Through this cyber attack, cyber criminals are trying to attack the iPhone linked to Apple ID remotely."text-align: justify;">If any user logs in to their Apple ID on the web, a notification of this threat is visible at the very top of the page. Apart from this, Apple is also notifying users who use email and iMessage notifications.

What to do when you get such a notification from Apple?

Apple has advised all users who have received such a notification to contact Apple's rapid-response emergency security team as soon as possible, which is assisted by a digital security helpline 24×7. Apple device users can contact Apple's security team by visiting the official website of Digital Security Helpline.

What to do to avoid spyware attacks?

  • Protect your device with a passcode.
  • Change your device's passcode frequently.
  • Two-factor authentication for Apple ID and Use a strong password.
  • Install apps from the App Store. Do not download or install apps from any third party app store.
  • Always use a very strong and unique password in online mediums.
  • Do not follow any link or link sent by any unknown person. Do not click the attachment.

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