AppleGPT: After ChatGPT now AppleGPT! So Apple has created its own generative artificial intelligence?

AppleGPT: After ChatGPT now AppleGPT!  So Apple has created its own generative artificial intelligence?

Competition regarding Artificial Intelligence is continuously increasing. After OpenAI's Generative AI ChatGPT, even big companies do not want to be left behind in the AI ​​race. After tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Apple, the world's largest listed company, has now joined the race regarding AI.

Apple employees are using

Various It is being told in media reports that Apple, the tech company that sells many great products like iPhone and iPad, has now prepared its own generative AI like ChatGPT. According to reports, Apple has already created an internal service like ChatGPT, with the help of which its employees are testing new features, preparing text summaries and answering questions based on the data they have learned so far. Responding.

Such news also came in July.

This is not the first time that news of Apple developing generative AI is making headlines. Earlier in July this year also such news had come. Then it was told that Apple is working on its AI model. According to reports, this Large Language Model (LLM) of Apple has been prepared on a new framework called Ajax. A research paper has been filed about the LLM running on. This research paper explains how large language models can be run on a device with limited DRAM capacity. Actually, it is not possible to run LLM with limited DRAM capacity. For this, Apple has found a way to store LLM on flash memory, which can be connected to the device if needed.

Can do this deal for training

Meanwhile, in some other news, it is being claimed that Apple has started talks with many major news and content companies to train its Generative AI. For this, the company can enter into an agreement for several years and is ready to pay more than 50 million dollars. Apple wants the news company that deals with it to give it access to the archive of its news articles.

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