Apple AirPods Pro may get new hearing aid mode with iOS 18 update

Apple AirPods Pro may get new hearing aid mode with iOS 18 update
 Apple AirPods: The market of discussions about Apple's iOS 18 is already hot. It  It is considered to be the biggest software update for iPhone users. Along with this, Apple is preparing to launch a new feature which can prove to be a game-changer for AirPods Pro users. If reports are to be believed, Apple AirPods Pro will get iOS 18 update. "hearing aid mode" Preparing to present. Apart from this software update, Apple will not make much changes in AirPods Pro this year.
Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has pointed this out in his latest newsletter. He indicated that Apple's focus for AirPods Pro this year will be on software rather than hardware. Apple's entire focus is on this new hearing aid mode.  

Why is this feature special?

Apple introduced Live Listen with iOS 12 in 2018. It turns your iPhone into a microphone, which means it streams what it hears in real time straight to your AirPods. When you have to listen to someone in a noisy place, this feature  Can be quite useful.

Not only this, in 2021, Apple introduced Conversation Boost for AirPods Pro, which amplifies the voice of someone speaking in front of you. In those situations  Useful where you find it difficult to hear conversations clearly  Yes.

What changes will this new feature bring to the users? 

Interestingly, some people are also comparing the features of AirPods Pro with expensive hearing aids. According to new FDA guidelines, some hearing aids can be sold over-the-counter without a medical examination or audiologist fitting. However, there is not much information about this new feature yet. If Gurman's previous reports are to be believed, Apple is doing a lot of work to enhance the hearing health features of its AirPods lineup.

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