An important update came in WhatsApp, which was needed by most of the users.

An important update came in WhatsApp, which was needed by most of the users.

WhatsApp: There is an important news for the users of WhatsApp. Users using WhatsApp can now pin up to three chats in their chat box. Let us tell you that WhatsApp had rolled out this special feature a few months ago, according to which users could pin their favorite chat and keep it at the top of the WhatsApp chat list. Although, at that time the company had given the option to pin only one chat, but now the company has expanded this feature.

New feature of WhatsApp

Now users using WhatsApp can pin not just one but three chats and keep them at the top of their profile. Users can pin a personal person as well as a group chat in these three chats, but will be able to pin only a maximum of three chats in total. 

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of WhatsApp's parent company Meta, has announced this special feature. Mark Zuckerberg has announced through his official channel that now WhatsApp users will be able to pin a maximum of three chat boxes. This has also been announced through the official account of WhatsApp on X (old name Twitter). 

Will be able to pin 3 chats

With the help of this feature, users will be able to keep their most important WhatsApp chat boxes at the top of the profile. Many times it happens that the chat box of some users or groups goes down and users are not able to access those chats quickly on many occasions. Now users have found the solution to this problem. Now if he wants, he can pin three chats by taking this one.

WhatsApp has started this feature for both Android and iOS devices. However, when we used this feature of WhatsApp in Microsoft Windows also, we were able to pin not just one but three chat boxes. This means that this feature of WhatsApp is working not only in the app but also in the web version.

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