AI will pass even the toughest test, Nvidia CEO told the future

AI will pass even the toughest test, Nvidia CEO told the future

Nvidia CEO Jenson Huang: Jenson Huang, CEO of semiconductor chip manufacturing company Nvidia, told many big things about the future of Artificial Intelligence in the next five years. Answering a question regarding Artificial Intelligence during the Economic Forum at Stanford University, Huang said that my prediction is that we are going to perform very well in the next five years. It all depends on the goal. 

Jensen Huang gave this answer when he was asked about a goal of Silicon Valley. The question was how much time would it take to create computers that think like humans. In response, Jensen Huang said that the answer largely depends on how the goal is defined.  

'May be possible in the next five years'

AI can pass test exams like legal bar exam, but still struggles for medical tests like gastroenterology. Jensen Huang further said that it may be possible to pass all these exams in the next five years.

Regarding AGI i.e. Human Like Intelligence, he said that AGI is still far away, because scientists still disagree on how the human brain works and how it should be described. 

Nvidia Corporation is the world's third most valuable company with a market cap of more than $2 trillion. Company's co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang has a big role in taking the company to new heights. Today Huang is at number 24 in the list of the world's richest people. His net worth has reached 52.7 billion dollars.

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