AI will eat 84 percent of government jobs! Shocking revelation in this report

AI will eat 84 percent of government jobs!  Shocking revelation in this report

Artificial Intelligence: Now every person in the world is aware of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At present, if any term is being discussed the most in the tech world, it is AI. Every day we keep hearing that AI will eat away people's jobs. Some are considering AI as their friend while others have completely different thinking about it. 

Many of the jobs we are working on today are such that they may disappear in the future. We are not saying this, but it has been revealed in a recent report. Actually, a shocking report has come out regarding Artificial Intelligence, in which it has been said that AI can eat about 84 percent of government jobs. 

Big revelation made in this research 

A research has been done by The Alan Turing Institute, in which 200 government jobs were included. It has been told in this report that these services are such that even if humans do not interfere, there will be no difference. 

This means that this work can also be done with the help of AI. For example, these include services like processing of passport, registration for voting etc.

This study was done on the functioning of the UK government, in which it was found that all those jobs in these government services can be automated which do about 14.3 crore transactions. In this way, if automation is implemented on the service, human intervention for transactions can be eliminated. 

Big risk to job security

Earlier in January, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Kristalina Georgieva had said that AI can pose a big risk to job security around the world. He also said that along with the challenges, there are also immense opportunities through which productivity can be increased and global growth can be boosted. Georgieva had said that AI could affect 60 percent of jobs worldwide. 

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