A great update is coming in WhatsApp… even after receiving many messages, useful chats will not disappear from the top

WhatsApp: Instant messaging app WhatsApp is widely used around the world. From personal matters to business work and big updates of the government, today people come to know through this app. There are more than 2 billion active users on WhatsApp worldwide. Meta is also bringing many major updates from time to time to improve the user experience on the app. Last year i.e. in the year 2022, many important and great updates came out in WhatsApp. Meanwhile, there is news that WhatsApp may soon bring another update for the users in the new year. After the release of this update, people will get more convenience in working. 

This feature will be rolled out soon

Actually, Soon users will get the facility to pin 5 people in WhatsApp. Till now users were able to pin only 3 chats on top. By pinning the chat, people used to get the benefit that if they have to talk repeatedly about work or any other work, then they can work easily through this feature. If you do not keep the chat pin, then you have to scroll and find the person again and again and then it spoils the mood and obstructs the work. But with the help of Pin feature, your work becomes easier and better. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is now going to give users the facility to pin 5 chats instead of 3. At present, the testing of this feature is going on, which will be rolled out in the coming time. 

The use of WhatsApp is continuously increasing all over the world and the social circle of people is also increasing on this app. Every day we all add new people to it. In such a situation, after the new feature comes out, people will be helped to organize their chats and do their work better. 

You can pin chat like this< /p>

Currently WhatsApp users can pin three chats to the top. If you do not know how to do this, then for this 

– First of all you have to open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
– After that whatever chat you want to pin Or long click on the one you want to bring to the top. Now you will see the pin sign at the top, on clicking on which this chat will appear at the top of the chat list. Similarly, you can do this on desktop as well and keep 3 people on the top of the chat list.

Will be able to report the status

Recently, it was also reported that WhatsApp is soon going to allow its users to report status. After the introduction of this feature, if someone in your contact puts a suspicious video or message as a status, then you can report it.

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