5G Jio Phone will be launched with Qualcomm chipset, price will be less than $99

5G Jio Phone will be launched with Qualcomm chipset, price will be less than $99

Qualcomm 5G Jio Phone: Qualcomm has confirmed that it is working with Reliance Jio to launch a new 5G Jio Phone in India soon. Let us tell you that this will be the first phone of Jio which will come with Qualcomm chipset. American chip manufacturing company Qualcomm further said that the price of this phone in India will be less than 99 dollars i.e. less than Rs 9,000. This budget smartphone of Jio and Qualcomm has been announced to be launched by the end of this year.

What did Qualcomm say?

In a statement to Moneycontrol, Chris Patrick, Qualcomm's SVP and general manager of handsets, said during the ongoing Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, ​​Spain, that “With the new chipset, we are looking at affordable smartphones that consumers can Provide full 5G experience. This product is inspired by India…. We are very focused on the transition between 4G and 5G, so, it's important for us to ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible and we have a lot of support from handset developers. A truly optimized product is available for , telecoms, and end consumers."

2G users will also use 5G smartphones

Qualcomm official encouraged 2G users in India to switch to smartphones with 5G connectivity, saying, "India's R&D teams are currently working hard on developing chipsets." He said, “Our local teams, especially those in Hyderabad and Bengaluru, lead most of our global products. Our scale in the handset business is very big." He says that, "The latest chipset installed in 5G Jio phone will also encourage 2G users of India to use 5G smartphones." Qualcomm official believes that with affordable 5G smartphones, users all over the world including India will shift to 5G smartphones. 

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