Bhilwara News: Father went to Gujarat to work, mother was also not at home, 3 children were victims of accident outside the house, all three died


  • Children drown in the tank while playing the game
  • By the time the mother returned home, this painful accident had happened.
  • father works in gujarat

Pramod Tiwari, Bhilwara
In Rajasthan’s Bhilwara district, three children became victims of an accident in Badnore police station area on Tuesday. In a village, all three drowned in a water tank built outside the house. All three children of the same family died in this accident. Two brothers and a sister are among the children who lost their lives in the accident. This accident happened in Laxmipura Kotda village. There is mourning in the village due to this accident.

Badnore police station in-charge Vinod Kumar Meena told that a water tank was built outside the house of Mahendra Singh Rawat of Laxmipura Kotra village. Mahendra Singh has gone to Gujarat for wages. And his wife had gone out of the house for work. That’s when the accident happened. In this accident Mahendra Singh Rawat’s 6-year-old daughter Seema, 4-year-old son Narendra and 2-year-old son Pankaj died.

In the game play, these three siblings drowned in a 10 feet deep water tank built outside the house. The bodies of the three innocent children were taken out of the water tank and kept in the mortuary of Asind Government Hospital. The mother of these children had gone out of work 2 hours before the accident and when she returned home, this painful scene was seen.

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