Pune Crime News: Angry at being removed from WhatsApp group; The admin’s tongue was cut off

Pune Crime News :  Whatsapp (Whatsapp group) Remove from group (pune crime) It has come to light that after an argument, five people brutally beat up the group admin and cut off his tongue. This shocking incident has happened in Fursungi area of ​​Pune. A 38-year-old woman has filed a complaint in the Hadapsar police station. The name of the complainant is Preeti Kiran Harpale. Accordingly, the police have registered a case against five persons. The names of the accused are Suresh Kisan Pokle, Suyog Bharat Shinde, Anil Mhaske, Shivram Patil, Kisan Pawar. 

According to the information provided by the police, this whole incident took place on December 28. The complainant couple and the  accused are living in the same society. The complainant’s husband had created a WhatsApp group named Om Heights Operation of residents of the society. All the members were there. The husband of the complainant woman was the admin of this group. He had removed one person from the group. The man’s anger was unleashed after he was removed from the society’s WhatsApp group. Why was I removed from the WhatsApp group? This was asked by the accused. But they did not get any answer. He then called the complainant’s husband to meet  And beat up. 

Stitches on tongue in beating…

Complainant’s husband went to meet this person at his house. He said that the group itself was closed because anyone was posting any kind of message in the group. After that, the accused with the help of five people beat him severely. He was beaten on the face with a kick. His teeth and tongue were hit. In this his tongue was cut off.  The police is investigating the whole matter.

Increase in crime due to social media

Pune is currently witnessing an increase in cyber crime and crimes due to minor posts on social media. . Many such cases have come to light in the past few days. A 12-year-old boy posted a picture of an 11-year-old girl on social media and demanded marriage.  When a minor boy did this, there was a sensation in the city. After that, the girl’s mother filed a complaint with the police.  A case was registered against the boy. The police said that the photo of the girl was shared on Instagram and WhatsApp.  The police has appealed to handle social media properly. 

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