Warning Signs of a Stroke : If those symptoms appear during exercise, be careful.. it may be a heart attack

Warning Signs of a Stroke : If those symptoms appear during exercise, be careful.. it may be a heart attack

Heart Problems with Workouts : Exercise is very good for heart health. But even if you do more exercises.. even if you do the same exercises when some symptoms appear, it will be a threat to your life. Daily exercise is one of the best ways to maintain physical and mental health. Regular workout sessions or any physical activity is good for overall health as well as heart health. But too much stress and too much exercise while exercising is not good at all. 

Dangers of heart problems during exercise are increasing recently. But there are some symptoms that we can see before such an accident occurs. Knowing them, experts say that you should give a break to exercise. They say that everyone should be aware of this. It is said that due to this timely treatment can save lives. So what are those characteristics? Now let's know things like how to identify them. 

Some common signs seen during exercise (Symptoms of Heart Attack) trigger heart problems. Symptoms such as fatigue, chest discomfort, weight gain or excessive sweating during exercise are common signs of heart problems. These should not be ignored at all. Now let's learn about more signs that lead to heart problems. 

Chest Pain

Pain or discomfort in the chest while exercising is a symptom that should not be ignored at all. Some people think that chest pain is caused by exercise. You should be alerted immediately if the pain you are experiencing is unprecedented. Heart pain spreads to left arm. Sweats profusely. These features should not be ignored at all. People with diabetes do not have these symptoms. Theirs is a silent heart attack. 

Shortness of breath.. 

If you experience chest discomfort and breathing difficulties during workouts, stop exercising immediately. Tell them your problem. This is one of the early symptoms of a heart attack. This symptom comes with chest pain. Sometimes this problem can occur even without pain.


Fatigue during the gym is common. But.. if you are feeling tired a lot.. you should be careful. Especially if you are new to this gym field.. You should immediately bring your qualities to the trainer's attention. Because it gives heart attack warnings. So stop exercising immediately.

Changes in heart rate

Be cautious if you notice changes in heart rate during exercise. Palpitations that are heard more often can be a sign of a heart problem. In such situations you should definitely take a doctor's advice. 

Points to remember

Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol problems, obesity, smoking, family history of heart attack People with problems should take more precautions before doing exercises. However, moderate and vigorous exercise for 30 minutes three to five times a week is good. It is beneficial for overall health and helps to release hormones. If you want to do more workout then definitely take expert advice. 

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