Walking: Do not make these mistakes while walking?

Walking: Do not make these mistakes while walking?

Walking: Walking is a very simple exercise. Any age.. any work‌out‌ Easy walking if not done‌ can do Many studies show that daily walking can provide many health benefits. Walking is very helpful in strengthening muscles and keeping weight under control. Daily walking is good for mental health. But experts say that it is impossible to get the full benefit due to some mistakes made while walking.

If the walking posture is not correct..

Many people do not walk with the correct posture. They walk with their shoulders bent. Also the feet are staggered. It reduces walking ability. Becomes uncomfortable over time. Then it leads to back problems. As you walk, lean your shoulders back slightly. Set aside some time in your daily routine for walking. Also  make it a habit to walk in the morning, evening and after meals.

Walking is very good for health

Many of us  get up early in the morning and walk   People walk after lunch. This has many  advantages. Every step we take helps us to have a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Nowadays many people are suffering from many health problems due to changes in lifestyle. But experts say that regular walking can prevent many health problems.

Warm‌up‌ Don't start walking…

Warm up before walking. Experts say that it is very important. Warm‌up‌  Walking without doing so is likely to cause an accident. Walking has many benefits for our body. It helps in improving blood circulation and increases flexibility. Warm up prepares your heart, joints and muscles for walking. Start with several minutes of dynamic stretching, walking with light cardio. After the walk, you should also do some stretching. They reduce muscle pain. To stay hydrated, water is essential to regain fluids lost through sweat. Be sure to carry a water bottle with you when running long distances. Walking makes us very tired. So, take protein-rich meals.

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