Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Are you sleeping so many hours every day? However, you must have 'diabetes'!

Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Are you sleeping so many hours every day?  However, you must have 'diabetes'!

Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Nowadays people are busy and forget their health. They are getting used to mobile phones and OTTs and are losing sleep. Doctors say that it is not good for health at all. It is suggested to sleep for exactly 8 hours every day. People who do not sleep well are at risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Doctors warn that people who neglect sleep, despite having a healthy diet, are more likely to get diabetes. Many studies are also clarifying the same thing.

What is revealed in the study?

Scientists have done a study on about 2,50,000 people and given this report last year. Their eating habits are taken into account and studied.. As a cause of lack of sleep even for those who eat healthy food.. Type – 2 cases of diabetes attack have been identified in the report.

Heart attack risk is high.. 

S&zwnj Differences in glucose levels occur when the body does not produce enough insulin. It leads to type 2 diabetes. Whenever a person does not have proper sleep.. then there will be changes in glucose levels as well. As a result, doctors are saying that she is suffering from diabetes. Type-2 diabetics are more likely to develop heart disease and are more prone to heart attacks. It is suggested to monitor sugar regularly, manage weight, take proper medication and sleep well. Research has shown that one in 10 people in the United States has diabetes, and about 95 percent of people with type 2 diabetes have diabetes.

Sleep, What's the link to diabetes?

Lack of sleep can lead to many health problems, says Dr. Nuha, vice president of health care at the Diabetes Association of America. So said Sa‌iya‌d. The problems caused by sleep deprivation are divided into two types. Long term benefits, temporary benefits. Insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome etc. fall under long-term problems. Due to these, he slept properly. It has spaces where diseases can occur. Along with that, the risk of type-diabetes attack is very high. Due to stress, traveling and other factors, sleep disturbances can lead to temporary problems. said Dr. Nuha Ali.

Our heart is based on circadian rhythms. That means our organs, blood vessels and glands all work in one way. When these are reduced, our body becomes less responsive to insulin. When the insulin receptors do not work properly, the glucose in the blood increases. This increases the percentage of glucose in the blood. Lack of sleep increases hunger-inducing ghrelin. Due to this, the hunger increases and even when you eat frequently, the sugar levels in the body increase. Medical experts revealed that there is a possibility of type-2 diabetes due to it. Many people do not sleep well most of the time. However, too much sleep can lead to problems. Sleeping less than six hours and sleeping more than nine hours can cause problems. There are chances of increasing long-term diseases and internal problems due to lack of sleep. Doctors say that we will be healthy only if we have full sleep. When there is no time, many take a nap (go into deep sleep for several minutes). The doctors say that it does not prevent long-term diseases, but it gives relief when it is chronic. It is suggested that we should have enough sleep for our body. Parents who have just born a child should not have proper sleep. In this case, taking a nap once a day can provide temporary relief, research has shown, and it is suggested that to be healthy, you must give rest to the body and go to sleep. .

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