Transmissions of Viruses: In that regard, it is not because of animals but because of humans.. because of us, they are a danger

Transmissions of Viruses: In that regard, it is not because of animals but because of humans.. because of us, they are a danger

Humans Spreads More Viruses : Some types of viruses spread to us from animals. What do we think because of that.. we think that we should stay away from these animals. This may even be true in some cases. But to tell the truth, not because of animals, but because of us, most viruses are spread to animals, according to a recent study. Unfortunately, they don't have a mouth or social media, so we simply say that these viruses are spreading because of them.

According to the global database.

In the analysis of virus genes, when research was done on viruses between humans and other animals, it was found that in 64 percent of the cases, the virus was infected from humans to other animals. This research was done at University College London. College professor Cedric Tan said that we give them more viruses than the viruses we give to animals. A global database was used in this study. They studied how viruses spread and revealed key facts. 

Made a complete family tree..

12 in this data base. Millions of sequences were identified. But it was found that most of them are incomplete. There is no data on which of them the virus spread from. It is in this context that the researchers reduced the 12 million to around 60000 with complete data. Now, while inquiring about these viruses, they made a family tree. About 13000 viruses have been identified. According to the tree made like this, it was found that the spread of the virus from humans to animals is high. But the researchers said that due to the spread of viruses from humans to other animals, many organisms are becoming extinct. He said that many wild chimpanzees in Uganda have died due to the spread of human respirovirus. 

That is the reason for the spread of the virus..

Also, the virus is spread by humans.. worldwide. Many other species are more likely to join, the researchers said. It has been revealed that the virus spread in animals confined to one area is very less. But researchers said that viruses spread to other countries and regions very easily due to humans. The study found that SARS-CoV-2, MERS-CoV, and flu viruses are commonly transmitted from humans to animals. According to the study, it has spread from people to pets, zoo animals, and wild animals. Even if these are excluded, the research team said that the rest of the virus spread mostly from humans to other animals. 

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