Tomato: Dishes, cooks .. Are you looking at tomato prices? Like raising it at home ..

For onion .. it is natural to bring tears to the eyes. But now .. if you want to go to the market and bring the tomatoes .. to harvest .. the cooks will be sad. Prices have gone up so much. In various states, however, it has ever crossed the Rs 100 mark. In some areas petrol prices have exceeded. If you look at these prices .. once in a while .. it feels like. Identra babu .. life .. how many times do people think that I will grow tomatoes myself. Tomatoes can be grown at home for such people. Well .. even if it is not given as tomatoes urgently .. will it be useful when such time comes again. Also a pastime for those at home ..

  • Slice fresh tomatoes.
  • Choose a pot with small holes. Leave the place up to a few inches above .. then fill the pot with clay. Tomato grows in almost any type of soil. It is a bit difficult to grow in clay. The soil in the pot should be suitable for tomato roots to go.
  • However, some of the medicines available in the market can also be used. They can also be grown without the need for them.
  • Place the cut tomato pieces on the soil. That more will come .. Do not put more pieces side by side will not grow. Instead of being deep .. bury in less soil. Cover them with a light layer of clay.
  • Place the pot in a well-ventilated area. It should be able to absorb both sunlight and shade. Keep the soil moist on a daily basis. If so .. do not put too much water. Sprouts are likely to arrive in 10 to 14 days.
  • Sprouts need less water. So use a spray bottle. If the seedlings can be transplanted into a larger pot as much as possible.
  • When the seedlings start to grow … put wooden sticks to support the stem .. otherwise the tree will bend.
  • . & nbsp;

Before planting, agronomists recommend soaking tomato seeds in a fertilizer solution for 12-24 hours. Tomato crop should be transplanted in calcium rich soils for better yield. Fill the bottom with all the soil and fill them with a layer of compost and pour the soil again. Doing so will allow you to get more nuts. Not only that .. Slow releasing fertilizers have to be added to it. Applying adequate amount of compost will also allow the plant to absorb enough heat and produce more nuts.

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