Tips for better sleep : Can't sleep? But eat this fruit before going to bed and you will have a good sleep

Tips for better sleep : Can't sleep?  But eat this fruit before going to bed and you will have a good sleep

Healthy Fruit for Better Sleep : It is very difficult to sleep at night when there is a lot of stress at home and office. But if there is no proper sleep, physical and mental health will suffer. Our health problems are also reduced when we have proper sleep. Otherwise the situation will worsen. In addition, long-term problems can occur. Also, if you don't have proper sleep, that burden will put pressure on the work to be done later in the day. So experts do not want to compromise on sleep at all. 

These are the tips that provide better sleep..

If you drink something warm before going to bed, you will have a good sleep. Or you can listen to some calming songs. You should create a stress-free environment in your room before going to bed. But sleep is also largely dependent on the food we eat. That's why you shouldn't take too much food before going to bed. It is not digested quickly and causes discomfort. So take light food. But some foods calm your brain and help you sleep better. Experts say banana is one of them. 

Improves mental state..

If you eat banana before going to bed, experts say you will have better sleep. Experts say that these are rich in nutrients that promote sleep. These are said to induce sleep. Contains tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes sleep. Experts say it improves your mood and provides relaxation. Moreover, it is said that serotonin is converted into melatonin and improves sleep. So that you get a peaceful sleep. 

Pains are reduced..

Many people work and sleep with various pains. If you want to relax your muscles you can take banana. Magnesium and potassium in it will give you better sleep. They reduce muscle tension. So your body relaxes and induces sleep. 

Restful sleep is yours

Banana contains essential carbohydrates. Experts say not to eat high-carbohydrate food before going to bed. But experts say that if the natural sugars in bananas are consumed at night, the blood sugar levels will be under control. You can definitely take this if you don't feel hungry in the middle of the night. Also, you will get better sleep when your stomach is full. And instead of eating unhealthy late night snacks eat a banana and sleep comfortably.

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