This operation removes scars and wrinkles on the face.


  • Plasmagel filling filling the beauty world
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Plasma gel also produces an autologous process that eliminates hypersensitivity or allergic reactions. Plasma gel filler can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, etc. on the face. The procedure is being chosen by a large number of people in the medical field in recent times. Not only that but the best results are coming through this process.
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It also reduces wrinkles through a single session. Part of this involves taking 10 to 20 milliliters of blood from the patient’s body, filtering the blood and preparing it in some way to produce serum. It is then converted into plasma gel or PRP gel. This is done so that the platelets are present in the plasma gel.


The platelets in it are called thrombosites. These contain a high percentage of protein. These cause growth. Thus new blood vessels and collagen are formed. Plasma gel is made in a very short time and the sonication process is used to get good results. Doing this process breaks down the cell membrane and causes the platelets to grow more.

This process is a bio stimulatory treatment so it can cause growth. The body naturally produces collagen. Doing so removes wrinkles on the skin, leaving the skin tight and radiant.
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Uses of Plasma Gel:

  • Chic Enhancement
  • Laugh Lines
  • Four Head
  • Lips and Nose Reshapping
  • Acne scars and stretch marks

Why use Plasma Gel …?

Plasma water is a very low cost treatment compared to dermal fillers. There is no pain, no side effects and no risk of using it. Most importantly results can be obtained within 18 to 24 months.
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What precautions should be taken after following this procedure:

Some swellings occur at the injection site and subside within a few hours. Do not massage and apply makeup on those areas after following this procedure. Do not take blood thinners like Aspirin Vitamin E, Brufen for 24 hours.

Note: These details are provided by health experts and studies. This article is just for your understanding. The best way is to consult a doctor for any minor problem related to beauty and health. Can notice.


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