Teenagers: Parents beware, depression symptoms are increasing in teenagers

Teenagers: Parents beware, depression symptoms are increasing in teenagers

Teenage is a very important stage in a man’s life. Age between 13 to 18 years is called teenager. During this time their physical and mental growth is very fast. There are many changes in their thoughts. The effect of hormones is more on them. Fears and suspicions are increasing. They need parental support at this time. Many teenagers die from depression. Parents can protect their children if they recognize the symptoms of depression early. Pressures from the society, opposition from the family and not facing the challenges also increase the stress and anxiety in them. Without the strength to withstand that pressure, teenage children are thinking towards suicide. That is why parents should take the initiative if there is any difference in their behavior. Their concerns and doubts should be resolved.

Teenage children cannot think properly. They are stubborn. If what they want doesn’t happen, they get very disappointed. Mentally depressed. Their mentality is very different. They are mostly comparing themselves with their peers. They think about everything that they are not beautiful, they are not fair, they are thin, they are fat, they don’t have good dresses. When someone looks better than themselves, they tend to be self-deprecating. Such situations cause depression in them. Also can’t bear to have someone point out their faults. Hormonal levels fluctuate a lot during adolescence. Due to them, they are easily affected by mental problems.

Some people are very interested in education from childhood. They can’t stand it if someone does better than them in the class. Such people get depressed quickly. No matter how much they study, they feel depressed that they are not able to come first in the class. 

Parents should identify the children who are suffering from stress and mental anxiety. Parental support is essential to protect them. If children suffering from depression are identified, they can be treated and saved in time. Don’t take it for granted that you cry because your kids are there, can’t hang out with four people, like to be alone, always seem to be thinking about something. Sit with them and find out the reasons. If you see disappointment and hopelessness in the words, then you stand in support of them. Special attention should be given to those who get angry over small things, throw objects and shout at others. Not eating is also a symptom of depression. Thoughts of harming themselves and those thoughts occasionally come out in their words. Then you should recognize that they are suffering from depression. Sleeping too much or having too little sleep is also a symptom of depression. Parents should stand by such children. Don’t reprimand, get angry, or hate your children for their mistakes. It brings suicidal thoughts in them. So get them close first. Speak calmly. Friendship between children and parents should be strict. Make sure that the conditions in the home are such that children can open up to their parents about anything. No matter how busy you are, take some time to learn about your child’s struggles. If you are diagnosed with depression, consult a psychiatrist immediately. They recover quickly.

Note: The information collected from various studies, researches and health journals is provided here as usual for your understanding. This information is not a substitute for medical care or treatment. If you have any doubts regarding health, you should definitely consult a doctor. For the items mentioned in this article, “ABP Country”, ‘ABP Network’ Note that no liability is assumed. 

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