Teen Pregnancy is the Risk of Premature Death : New study says that premature death is inevitable if a teenager is pregnant.. Rising death rate

Teen Pregnancy is the Risk of Premature Death : New study says that premature death is inevitable if a teenager is pregnant.. Rising death rate

Teen Pregnancy and the Risk of Premature Mortality : According to a recent study, teenage pregnancies lead to premature deaths. Many lose their lives due to teenage pregnancy, deaths during childbirth, bleeding, high blood pressure disorders or sepsis. But a survey by the JAMA Network found that those who became pregnant at a young age were at an even greater risk of dying prematurely. A study of millions of female teenagers under the age of 31 in the universal health care system. The survey was conducted on people born between April 1, 1991 and March 31, 2021. The study found that those who had one pregnancy during their teens had a 1.5-fold increased risk of premature death, while those who had two or more teenage pregnancies had a 2.1-fold risk of premature death. This indicates a higher risk of premature death among those who become pregnant at a young age. The risk is especially high for those who get pregnant before the age of 16, the study said. 

Rising death rate among young women

In addition, deaths among teenage girls are much higher than expected. This study concluded that increasing The overall mortality rate is increasing due to several factors. Accidents, suicides, and murders are the leading cause of death among teenage girls in the United States. 20 to 44-year-olds are dying mostly from cancer and suicide, it said. A JAMA study has shown that this is the top cause of death among teenagers. 

The shocking thing is..

Something shocking is that.. It has been found that teenage pregnancy is also a cause of suicide. Along with parental divorce, childhood experiences, teenage pregnancy is also a major factor. That is why this study suggests that counseling should be given to families along with young women on teenage pregnancy. Contraceptive methods, avoiding unwanted sex.. Researchers suggest that their peers should help if they get pregnant in unexpected circumstances.

Cervical cancer is also suffering..

However, the question now facing researchers is whether including teenage pregnancy in prevention efforts will help reduce the number of premature deaths. They suggest that governments and voluntary organizations should create awareness on issues like child marriage and teenage sex. Apart from this, the risk of cervical cancer is also high if the sex is more during the teenage years. In the background of increasing deaths due to this cancer, the government also administers the vaccine for free. Both teenage pregnancy and cancer have serious effects on young people and lead to death.

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