Tea Increases Beauty: Three cups of tea a day – tea increases your beauty

Tea Increases Beauty: Three cups of tea a day – tea increases your beauty

Tea Increases Beauty: Makes you day ‌ Do you have a drinking habit? However, this news is for you. Chai three times a day Do you have a drinking habit? However, this is even more good news for you. Yes! Every day chai‌ Scientists say that the beauty of drinkers doubles. Chai‌ Research on He said this too. Research on youth and adults in Europe and China. done, their blood‌ Samples‌ Collect‌ After examining them, these things were revealed. In fact, it is said that drinking tea is not good for health. But, research‌ They said that they are saying these things too.   

Three cups a day.. 

Many people must have 'tea' when they wake up early. Tiffin‌ There should be tea once after eating and then again in the evening. And now various teas are available. However, among them Green‌ Tea, Black‌ Tea, Chai‌ Scientists say it is good for shit. Chinese research shows that tea is useful for anti-aging. Team‌ Revealed. Green‌ Tea, Black‌ Healthy Chemicals in Tea Some body cells‌ It is said that some are undamaged and have an effect on aging and are useful for the proper functioning of all organs.

'Tea' is very bioactive Compounds‌ that there are, therefore anti-aging‌ Benefits‌ Siachen‌ Dr. of the University‌ Yijiang‌ Said. In addition, many studies have shown that drinking tea does not cause diabetes and heart-related diseases. Polyphenols in tea, power full. Antioxidants‌ Cancer‌ It is said that they will prevent dementia. 

This research on 5,998 people aged 37 – 73 from Britain and 7,931 people from China‌ Scientists say they did. Green‌ Tea, Olango Tea, Black‌ This research on tea drinkers‌ They have done and given reports. Polyphenols in tea Gut‌ Modulate the microbiota‌ Yixiang says it improves immunity, metabolic function, and has an effect on age-related changes. Along with them.. contains caffeine, theanine. Ane bio active‌ Compounds‌ Also increases beauty.

Due to drinking tea a day.. Scientists said that a person's beauty decreases by an average age of two years. He said that this change will definitely be seen in those who drink three cups a day on an average. However, it is also warned that anything taken in excess can be harmful and should be taken care of. What's more.. let's drink tea to increase beauty, don't add too much tea. It is better to take daily as much as needed. 

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