Tamarind Pulihora : Prasadam Style Tamarind Pulihora.

Tamarind Pulihora : Prasadam Style Tamarind Pulihora.

Temple Style Pulihora : No function in South India without Pulihora is no exaggeration. From pujas to functions almost everyone does it. Even if there is no such thing.. there are many people who regularly make pulihora at home and enjoy its taste. Its taste is like that. It can be said that Pulihora has no match in taste, smell and color. But no matter how well we pulihora..somewhere there will be a little bit left. I don't have a sample of the pulihora given when I went to Abba Temple but I think it is good. Many people have the same feeling.

There is something magical about the pulihora that is given as prasad in temples. Wow, they think it will not come when we do it. But with some simple tips you can achieve temple style at home. But how to make it? What are the required ingredients? Now let's know the things like what kind of tips you follow will highlight its taste. – quarter cup

Curry – 2 sprigs

Green chilli – 3

Yellow – 1 tsp 

Salt – enough to taste 

Tamarind – 50 grams

For masala..

Oil – 2 tsp

Mustard – half tsp 

Dill – 1 tsp

Curry – 1 clove

Agave – half a tsp

For seasoning.. < /strong>

Oil – 1/4 cup

Mustard – half teaspoon 

Pallis – 1/4 cup

Gindal – 1 tbsp< /p>

Peanuts – 1 tbsp

Dry chillies – 5

Curry – 1 rebba

For Mustard Masala

Mustard – two spoons

Dry chillies – 1

Ginger – inch

Salt – to taste 


First soak tamarind in hot water. Remove tamarind pulp from it and keep it aside. For aavala masala, make a paste of mustard, black pepper, ginger and little salt and keep aside. Some people think that mustard is spicy. But adding ginger also reduces its pungency. Otherwise it gives a bitter taste. Now wash the rice. Cook it for three whistles with two cups of water for one cup of rice. Wash the rice but do not soak it. Doing this will break the rice. When the rice is hot..that is, when the rice starts to smoke, add turmeric, oil, green chillies, curry powder and salt and keep it aside. 

Light the stove and put a small kadai and heat it by adding two spoons of oil. Then add mustard and fenugreek and roast it. Also add curry powder.. Then add tamarind pulp and cook. If you like, add some grated jaggery and cook the talimpu. If you choose good quality turmeric and tamarind, you will definitely get the taste of temple-made pulihora. After the tamarind is cooked, add the prepared mustard paste and cook it. After that the stove should be stopped. 

Now add this flavoring mixture to the previously prepared rice and mix well. All the flavor of Pulihora lies in mixing it. Now light the stove again and add quarter cup of oil in it add mustard seeds and let it crackle. If you don't apply too much oil.. Pulihora will stick to your mouth and taste less. Sesame oil or groundnut oil enhances the taste of pulahora. After that, add palli, chickpeas and minapappu and fry. Add black pepper and curry leaves.. After frying, add this mixture to the rice prepared with tamarind pulp and mix. Temple Style Pulihora Ready. 

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