Take these precautions to avoid bad smell at that time

Take these precautions to avoid bad smell at that time

Bad odor becomes a challenge for some women during menstruation. Bleeding is bad whether it is heavy or light. This makes many people hesitant to go out. Gynecologists say that taking certain precautions can prevent the bleeding from smelling too bad. Napkin should be changed every five hours whether the bleeding is heavy or light during menstruation. Prolonged use of sanitary napkin increases the risk of odor. Because prolonged use can lead to infections. Make sure to make it a habit to change the sanitary ware every five hours as this infection can cause foul smell.

Sanitaries are now available in many varieties. Some of them also have fragrances. The use of perfumes like this is harmful to health. Some types of chemicals are used to produce these fragrances. These can increase infections. Also, if this sanitary napkin perfume is added to the bleeding smell, it becomes a kind of smell. Because of this, every time you go to the bathroom, you have to inhale that bad smell. So use normal pads. Stay away from scented pads.

Be very careful with bad smells. Wash the underwear  every day and dry it in the sun.  Wear things that have been washed every day. Some people wear the same underwear for two or three days. Due to this various infections occur and bad smell increases during menstruation. So it is important to change both underwear every day if possible. Do not take it lightly if the bleeding during menstruation is very smelly. Because of cervical cancer this smell is also a symptom. Cervical cancer is cancer of the cervix. Heavy bleeding is seen in people affected by this cancer. Bleeding also becomes more frequent. It kind of stinks. If these symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately and take appropriate precautions. Do not take lightly if the bleeding is foul-smelling and accompanied by fever. It could be a symptom of cancer. So see a gynecologist immediately. They prescribe medicines according to the symptoms.

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