Study on Sweetened Drinks : Are you drinking cold drinks in summer? But be careful, heart attack may occur

Study on Sweetened Drinks : Are you drinking cold drinks in summer?  But be careful, heart attack may occur

Heart Diseases with Unhealthy Drinks : We get dehydrated quickly in summer. At that time we keep drinking what we see nearby. Some drink sweetened drinks like Coke that are cool and tasty. Are you drinking too many sweetened cool drinks? But be careful. A new study warns that these can give you heart problems. Drinking these drinks can cause heart disease? Now let's find out what the researchers found in the original study. 

Be aware of how much sugar you are consuming

One should be careful about how much sugar goes into the body on a daily basis. Experts say that whether you have diabetes or not, you should not compromise in this matter. Especially what kind of cool drinks you are drinking. There should be a minimum understanding of how much sugar is in them. Otherwise, the sugars in some cool drinks penetrate into the intestines and affect health. Drinking more than two liters of sweetened cool drinks can lead to heart problems, new study finds. 

If more than two liters per week..

Not only in cool drinks but also in some sodas, fruit juices, juices and teas. Many people choose these for their taste. But these add extra calories to the body. These can lead to health problems when taken in excess. The American Heart Association conducted a study in this context. They found that drinking more than two liters of artificially sweetened drinks per week increased the risk of heart problems by 20 percent. They say it can make your heart beat too fast or too slow. 

Even type 2 diabetes..

It has been found that cool drinks are mostly consumed by men, especially the youth. They say that natural sweet drinks are better than those who take artificially sweetened drinks. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting type 2 diabetes along with heart problems. The risk was 31 percent higher for those who drank more sugary drinks per week and smoked. 

If these features are identified..

In order not to reach this condition, one should stay away from the sweet drinks available outside. Two symptoms of this problem should be known. If you see them as soon as you see a doctor, the condition will not worsen. If symptoms such as changes in heartbeat, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, chest pain are detected, a doctor should be consulted immediately. These help in preventing the condition from worsening. Otherwise it can lead you to dangerous heart problems. It can be completely fatal. So you can drink water, coconut water, glucose water to stay hydrated. These will help you stay hydrated and healthy. 

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